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The LightPress Group is a full service Design, Development, & Marketing team.

We specialize in high quality, reasonably priced, content driven web solutions.

100% of our websites are built on the next generation, completely amazing, Squarespace platform. 

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Our New Office!

We are positively thrilled to announce that LightPress is now officially operating from our new office on the 7th floor of the gorgeous, historic, Flatiron building in Asheville, NC.

Built in 1925-1926, this unique Asheville landmark shares the name & triangular shape of the famous Flatiron in New York City. Home to shops, restaurants, and galleries on the street level, and dozens of local businesses on the other 7 floors (accessable via an old-timey gated elevator, complete with a live operator!) 

The Flatiron is a gem of a building that sits right at the center of Asheville's creative heartbeat. Check out this story about the Skybar which is right near our office, and has some great photos of the views we can see from atop the Flatiron.

Aren't familiar with Asheville? The video below is a great overview of some of the many reasons why LightPress chooses to make this amazing community our home...


New Website! Shecology

Asheville based Shecology (all-natural laundry and cleaning products) is stepping up their branding, social media, and their website. Beautiful illustrations and spot-on brand sensibility make for a simple, gorgeous website, and we are so excited to bring this new site to life!

Mari Fox, owner of Shecology, also gave us some of her new Laundry Pills to sample and they are FANTASTIC.




SocialBloom, a new Social Media startup in sunny south Florida is still working on their content, so here is a preview of the new branding & general layout design for their upcoming site. 


Social Media Branding for C[IQ]

Our friends at C[IQ] (for whom we built this gorgeous website) are gearing up for full-on Social Media engagement. They have been getting fantastic feedback on the branding and design work on their website, and have contracted LightPress to handle the visual branding of their social media properties as well. 

Check out their fully branded Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter pages. (Google+ coming soon)
Throw them a like or a follow and stay tuned to see some facinating content about the mystical science of marketing coming from these folks on all channels. 


Film New Zealand

Film New Zealand: LightPress did not design this site, but we have been helping them out with some custom code solutions from time to time and wanted to give them a shout-out...and brag a little. Does this mean we can write-off a trip to New Zealand? Seriously.


SNEAK PREVIEW! Karl Productions.

SNEAK PREVIEW! This Squarespace 6 site for Karl Productions of Chicago is still under development, but damn, it's looking kinda sexy. 

Their OLD SITE is still live, so if you really want to get an idea of what LightPress can do for a busted old website, check out the soon-to-be retired site here.


SilverFox Wedding Video & Photography

SilverFox was locked into an overdesigned, nightmare to update website, and needed a serious overhaul. Their main interest was to find a way to streamline the large volume of content on their site, create a solution that would be easy for their staff to update, and incorporate the heart and soul of their team and the families they work with.

THis site is newly launched and still undergoing some changes as SilverFox develops their content, but we were excited to post it. We are also developing two sister sites for their Kids Photography services (FoxCubs) and their Entertainment services.

FOOTNOTE: Silverfox is now updating & maintaining the site on their own. Some of the new page elements are not in line with our design work, but that is the beauty of Squarespace right?


Dry Ice Tools

Dry Ice Tools is a start-up company with a custom designed product for hardcore ice-climbers to train on indoor climbing walls in the off-season. It's a super-niche market, but may expose indoor climbers to the exciting world of ice climbing, and vice-versa.

It's still under development in some respects, so stay tuned for a port to Squarespace V6, and the addition of a shopping cart with products for sale!


Progressive Opthalmology

More than just a brochure site for a New York Opthalmology office, the site we built for Dr. Michael Ahdoot of Progressive Opthalmology contains a wealth of information about various vision related issues and strategies for treatment. Even if visitors from other parts of the world are too far away to book an appointment, we think that they will benefit from the pages of useful info that Progressive has published here.


COALS Artisan Pizza

WARNING: Visiting this site may cause excessive drooling & stomach growling. 

The fine folks at Coals Artisan Pizza in Louisville, KY know their pizza. Designing & building a great website for them was easy. Integrating online menus & Open Table reservations was a breeze. But working with these delicious photos was pure torture... if you are in the Louisville area, and have easy access to this glorious, rustic, coal-fired pizza...we are jealous.